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24/7 Livestock Services
$ — Sparta, TN
I have over thirty years in the livestock business. i do all types of livestock work such as helping a cow deliver a calf that may be having trouble, i also give yearly vaccines,and have portable catc...
Barn Yard Chicks for sale.
$1.50 Crossville, TN
Barn yard mixed chicks buff orpington, barred rock, dominique, & speckled sussex cross. straight run
Mountain Farm Customer Appreciation
$99,999,999.99 Crossville, TN
4 wks
barnyard mix chicks, turkey and ducklings
$30,050,015 Crossville, TN
2 wks
Case Tractors
$999,999 Crossville, TN
6 wks
$680,000 Jamestown, TN
7 wks
2 dappled boer billys
$500,600 London, KY
7 wks
kiko does for sale, updated
$325,650 Sparta, TN
6 wks
ewes-hair sheep
$200,300 Buchanan, TN
1 wk
Fainting goats
$200,250 Rockwood, TN
5 wks
ram lambs and one ewe
$150,250 Mcminnville, TN
5 wks
Ewe Lambs: Katahdin-St. Croix mix
$140,175 Crossville, TN
9 hrs
ram lambs and ewe lamb
$125,150 Monticello, KY
3 wks
Adorable Pygmy Kids
$100,150 Rockwood, TN
1 day
Meishan Pigs
$75,200 Scottsville, KY
8 wks
Pure bred Red Wattle Piglets for sale
$75,100 Graysville, TN
13 wks
2011 John Deere 9770 Combine
$68,000 Morrison, TN
6 wks
2005 John Deere 6420
$62,500 Watertown, TN
4 days
Kubota M7-151S
$60,000 Fort Worth, TX
3 wks
2024 TYM T754 4WD Cab Tractor w/ Loader
$48,500 Oneida, TN
4 wks
Sale or Trade. Read Add.
$46,000 Hilham, TN
3 wks
2011 Deere 135DX Excavator with Thumb
$45,000 Mcminnville, TN
5 days
75 hp New Holland Tractor
$42,500 Sparta, TN
1 wk
angus herd
$40,000 Grimsley, TN
2 wks
Small Herd
$40,000 Cookeville, TN
7 wks
3 horse trailer living quarter Sundowner
$39,900 Clarkrange, TN
1 wk
2020 39 HP Yanmar SV40 Diesel Excavator
$39,900 Lewisburg, TN
4 wks
New Holland TS110 4 Wheel Drive Tractor
$38,000 Pall Mall, TN
3 wks
*registered Angus Bulls Taep*
$3,500 Murfreesboro, TN
taep bull purchase reimbursement eligible - $2000registered black angusai sired out of deer valley growth fund and jindra acclaim.bse tested and ready to go to work.hand fed dailydocilelarge fr...
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