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24/7 Livestock Services
$ — Sparta, TN
I have over thirty years in the livestock business. i do all types of livestock work such as helping a cow deliver a calf that may be having trouble, i also give yearly vaccines,and have portable catc...
Cow/ calf pairs - Stock Cows
$10 Watertown, TN
7 wks
Zebu Cattle
$ — Pikeville, TN
3 wks
Black/ BWF Bred Cows
$ — Baxter, TN
6 wks
looking for hereford heifer/ cow
Wanted Sparta, TN
2 wks
10 bred cows
$1,650 Crossville, TN
2 wks
Jersey Cow
$2,000 Harriman, TN
4 wks
Three Angus Cross Cattle for sale
$3,400 Columbia, KY
8 wks
Angus Cow
$1,000 Jamestown, TN
3 wks
8 Young Cows
$1,695 Baxter, TN
1 day
24/7 Livestock Services
$ — Sparta, TN
2 wks
long horn cow
$1,000 Alexandria, TN
1 day
Registered angus cow/ calf pair
$2,400 Watertown, TN
9 wks
cattle pair
$2,850 Brush Creek, TN
5 wks
Dexter cross cow/ heifer pair
$2,000 Crossville, TN
5 wks
dairy/ milk cow
$1,100 Crossville, TN
8 wks
Jersey cow
$1,000 Baxter, TN
2 wks
cows and bull
$19,500 Albany, KY
1 wk
cow and calf
$1,550 Grimsley, TN
11 hrs
2 jersery cows
$2,400 Morrison, TN
8 wks
cow calf pair
$2,500 Morrison, TN
4 wks
miniture highland cow
$4,000 Jamestown, TN
2 wks
2 cows for sale
$1,500 Sparta, TN
4 days
ISO Dairy Cow
Wanted Gruetli Laager, TN
8 wks
Cow for sale
$900 Livingston, TN
8 wks
ISO Highlander cows or heifers
Wanted Algood, TN
4 wks
mini highlander/ belted galloway cross
$850 Lynnville, TN
2 days
4x4 Hay New Crop
Featured 4x4 Hay New Crop
$30 Sparta, TN
4x4 hay rolls orchard grass, clover, wheat. first cutting, available now, limited supply. good for cows, goats, sheep, elephants, zebras, any animal that eats forbs and forages. smaller size for ease ...
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