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AKC Male German Shepherd
$600 Lewisburg, TN
Reduced!!!! akc male german shepherd pup!working line. parents are both trained in protection and scent. these puppies have high drive, know what that means before contacting.this boy is going to be b...
full-blooded german shepherds
$200 Albany, KY
3 wks
Free German Shepherds And More
$ — Centerville, TN
3 wks
German Shepherd Puppies
$1 Knoxville, TN
3 wks
Black long coat German Shepherds
$800 Cookeville, TN
3 days
Akc German Shepherd
$750 Altamont, TN
1 wk
german shepherd
$200 Columbia, TN
6 days
German Shepard and Golden retriever mix
$100 Mcminnville, TN
4 days
White Long Coat German Shepherds
$1,000 Cleveland, TN
2 wks
Akc German Shepherd Pups Imported Lines
$1,500 Cookeville, TN
3 wks
German Shepherd Puppy
$300 $400 Dunlap, TN
5 wks
German shepherd female
$600 Nashville, TN
3 wks
German shepherd
$500 Morrison, TN
3 wks
German Shepherd import
$1,500 Jamestown, TN
2 wks
European Import SL GSD Kennel Retiring
$1 Bradyville, TN
4 days
Akc Female German Shepherd Dog
$350 Altamont, TN
1 wk
full blooded german sheperd puppies
$250 Sparta, TN
5 wks
german shepherd pups for sale
$600 Talbott, TN
3 wks
1 year old German shepherd needs rehome
$200 Sparta, TN
4 wks
German sheppard mix
$1,234 Lafayette, TN
7 wks
4 AKC German Shepherd Puppies available
$1,000 Tuscaloosa, AL
1 wk
German Shepherd
$1,500 Cleveland, TN
8 wks
AKC German Shepherd Pups - Ready now.
$700 Cedar Hill, TN
2 wks
Male German Shepherd
$100 Cookeville, TN
3 wks
German Shepherd
$1,000 Martin, TN
1 day
AKC Long Coat German Shepherds
$1,200 Cleveland, TN
2 wks
German Sheperd working
$1,000 Normandy, TN
Easy going great for family protective of you ,your house and smart , low energy calm in house but athletic to walk or run. 10 weeks old 2 vet checks 2 worms 2 shots ready now
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