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Gentle, well bred young bull
$1,400 Sewanee, TN
I have an extremely gentle young bull bred for meat, but he turned out way too good to eat. he is bred from a reg. brahman bull with a low bw and his dam is a hertford/jersey f!. great milking and hy...
$15 Deer Lodge, TN
3 hrs
Pygmy buck for sale
$200 Cookeville, TN
5 hrs
ND/ Pygmy goats for sale
$150 Cookeville, TN
5 hrs
Commercial Boer buckling
$150 Lafayette, TN
7 hrs
4 weaned heifer calves
$4,250 Monticello, KY
8 hrs
2 weaned registered Angus heifers
$2,250 Monticello, KY
8 hrs
Goat stand
$140 Celina, TN
9 hrs
Nigerian Dwarf Goats
$50 Spring City, TN
9 hrs
Free! 7 young Orloff chickens
$ — Woodbury, TN
10 hrs
3 Serama Chicks
$30 Cookeville, TN
10 hrs
chicken coops
$1,395 Cookeville, TN
10 hrs
Hampshire pigs
$65 Mcminnville, TN
10 hrs
Mixed selection pigs
$50 Mcminnville, TN
11 hrs
Barred Rock Roo
$20 Harriman, TN
11 hrs
Serama cockerels
$5 Harriman, TN
11 hrs
Meat Pigs
$ — Mcminnville, TN
11 hrs
Great Pyrenees puppies AKC
$1,300 Scottsville, KY
12 hrs
Rolled hay DELIVERED or Picked Up
$60 Sparta, TN
13 hrs
Custom Sheep and goat totes
$350 Rockisland, TN
13 hrs
Sheep and Goat hoof trimming
$120 Rock Island, TN
13 hrs
Cochin Bantams
$40 Cookeville, TN
14 hrs
Cochin Bantam BP
$40 Sparta, TN
15 hrs
12 chickens
$120 Grimsley, TN
16 hrs
25 baby Muscovy ducklings
$125 Grimsley, TN
16 hrs
Pair of hogs
$400 Grimsley, TN
16 hrs
2 small billy goats need gone today
$200 Grimsley, TN
16 hrs
Black Angus: Breeding Age Bulls
$ — Bradyville, TN
Must see quality!!! various sizes. various ages. various prices [depends on selection]. some qualify for ag program first come, first serve calls only. please, no texts. note: specific an...
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